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Mary HoldenMary Holden
Directing Manager-Writing and Editing
Owner of Mary L Holden, Editor

A lifelong love of words led Mary to employment as a paralegal, a library administrator, assistant editor, editor, freelance writer and then to self-employment as a sole proprietor at www.marylholdeneditor.com since 2009.

Mary has collaborated as an editor with clients who’ve written various types of manuscripts: fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, short story, screenplay, website content, essay and business communications. If it can be written, it can be edited and then always proofread prior to publication!

Drafting Your Future Editing and Writing Services

At present, writers are offered consultation services through Drafting Your Future. For a one-time fee of $40.00, Mary will assess your goals for publication, the state of your manuscript, your options for publishing, offer a sample edit and provide you with a personal plan to publish, distribute and market your book.

E-mail me: editor@draftingyourfuture.com

Services Available:
Fiction editing
Nonfiction editing
Poetry editing
Screenplay editing
Business document editing
Website content writing/editing
Editing blog post copy,
Application essays
Magazine articles
Education curricula
Cover letters

Some of my Clients
The Brown Recluse Spider, Richard S. Vetter (2015)
To Fly Again: Portrait of a Bipolar Life
, Rachelle Hasnas, LCSW (2015)
I Got Hit By A Taxi But You Look Run Over: Life Lessons about Happiness and Joy
, Lisa M. Dietlin (2015)
Valley Fever: Silent Epidemic
, Craig Rundbaken, D.O. (2014)
Harmonology: An Insider’s Guide to Healthy Relationships Through Music
, Stephen O’Connor (2014)
, Kelly Oram (2013)
V is for Virgin, Kelly Oram (2012)
Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory, Linda Heart (2012)
A Dry Hate
, Nancy Hicks Marshall (2012)
Who Knew it was Voodoo,” Bill True (2013)
“Knights of the Kitchen Table,” Bill True (2013)