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“I wanted to start writing but did not know how to begin. Then I got help from DYF. I was able to create content that built my exposure on the Internet. Thank you for making it easy for me.”



Business Owner, Bell West Chiropractic

“Before hiring Jodie Wilson I tried three times to create a website with other people and all three failed due to lack of creativity and listening to my wishes. Jodie Wilson got it right the very first time without me having to manage every aspect of the building of my website. Jodie got it right, she’s the real deal … She flat-out knows how to create a website. I’m really happy with mine and I have hired her to manage any new posts for my site.”



For the Love of Baseball, Carl Paul Maggio - Sedona Arizona

“I am a small business owner and I understand the importance of exposure on the Internet, but have limited time to spend online.  Thanks to the team at DYF, I don’t have to worry about my website and social media. I can focus on my clients’ needs.”


Brenda Williams

Business Owner, Brenda's Gift Baskets

Everything went very smoothly. My book was accepted into the premium catalog and I have seen a number of sales already. Thank you for your help.


Business Owner, Ed Brandwein