Digital Publications

Digital Magazine: Turning the Pages in 2016

The world is going through a technological revolution at a speed that has never been seen before. We wake up each morning to see that everything is becoming digitized. Magazines were not left behind. Technology enhances and expands opportunities for businesses to get their product in front of more eyes.

Digital magazines offer a great alternative to print magazines and have many benefits not just for the consumers but for also publishers and advertisers alike.

The Pros of Digital Magazines

I. Global Reach

Perhaps this is the greatest advantage of digital magazines, the potential to reach the whole globe is enormous, and it offers a way to keep readers interested while maintaining loyalty even in the event of the reader moving to another part of the globe. With the internet, the reach of digital media has no limits. This also means more reach for advertisers with the publication.

II. Immediate Access

Digital magazines can be accessed as soon as they are published, no need to wait for shipping, for the delivery-man to get your paper. More than 58% of digital magazines subscribers read their edition the same day it is published.

III. Lower Cost

Digital magazines come in at a significantly lower cost for the consumers, it eliminates costs associated with the production of the magazines. It offers a good deal especially when subscribing to a magazine from a different country, the cost of international shipping and postal services are eliminated, meaning lower price for the consumer.

IV. Publishing to Device

Increase in Smartphone and handheld devices like IPad, Kindle and others has led to more than ten-fold increase in digital magazines. Apps developed by Google and Apple Inc. enable even a basic user to have a virtual news-stand in his hands, access not one but multiple digital publications.

IV. Communication with Subscribers

Digital media is interactive, Two-way communication is definitely better than one; publishers have opportunity to know the need of her subscribers through the use of opinion polls and suggestions. Readers can give instant feedback. The suggestions can be added without increase in the price of the publication.

V. Social Sharing

Digital media provides an opportunity for social sharing through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email, this is one area where Digital magazine has a great advantage, and a reader can share his favorite publication with hundreds of friends and fans with a click of button.


Contrary to the popular misconception, Digital magazines are not a replacement for the contemporary printed magazines, the argument led CMO council to carry out a study which states in the MPA fact book that 87% of those that are interested in reading magazines on a digital device still wants to get printed copy. In general, Digital magazine brings a lot of new exciting opportunities for publishers, readers and advertisers.