Welcome to Drafting Your Future. This website is an open letter to authors:

As writers of books in various stages of publication from idea to outline to proof copy to final manuscript and e-book or paper book, you are also…


…because your future will always include the product of your creative action in writing the book.

What happens when you:
…have an idea for a book manuscript?
…outline your ideas to write a book manuscript?
…write a first draft manuscript?
…need readers for your first manuscript?
…revise your first draft manuscript?
…hire an editor for further revisions of your draft manuscript?
…work with a copy editor or proofreader to finalize your manuscript?
…look for a graphic artist or book designer for your manuscript?
…look for a way to publish your manuscript?
…publish your book and hold it in your hands?
…find a market of readers for your book?
…celebrate the process of writing a book, owning your role as an author, producing a book that changes the world for yourself and others?